Maximizing Visibility and Impact

Your business’s sign needs to communicate the right message in a way that will grab the attention of people passing by. But it will also need to stand out from your competition’s signage and fit well with your company image. The colors you use for your signage are vital to making it visible, whether that means attracting passersby or helping them read the information on your signs. Using the right color combinations can boost contrast and legibility, and even help your sign become more noticeable from different angles and distances.

Outdoor business signs are an effective marketing tool that costs less per impression than other types of media advertising. Unlike mass media, they are in front of potential customers 24/7/365. Effective marketing requires careful planning and consideration, including an understanding of the importance of the location, type and illumination of your outdoor business sign.

The most common outdoor business signs include pylon signs, monument signs, directional signs and dimensional letter signs. Each has its own unique benefits and features. Pylon signs, for example, are freestanding structures that get your Philadelphia-area business noticed from a great distance. They are a great choice if you need to get your brand’s name and logo out there quickly, and want it to be seen from afar.

Monument signs are a great option for showcasing your brand’s name and messaging in a stylish, prominent display. They are available in a variety of materials, such as wood, metal or painted glass and can be custom designed to suit your company’s branding and messaging goals. A Monument sign can be a perfect solution for communicating your company’s branding to prospective and current customers, while directing traffic to your door.

Directional signs are another common outdoor business sign that can be customized to communicate your company’s message in a clear and visible way. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to meet your specific branding and visibility needs, including a variety of lighting options.

A lighted business sign is a great choice for businesses that are open at night or want to continue advertising after the sun goes down. These can be illuminated internally or externally, and can even feature a dynamic LED Electronic Message Center.

In addition to a lighted business sign, you may need to add other signage elements, such as window graphics, a lobby reception sign and directional signs, in order to effectively promote your business. These additional signs can help your business gain a competitive edge, increase impulse sales and make it easier for new customers to find their way. To learn more about Fresno business sings, contact a team of Fresno signage experts at today.